Photomed Polar Eyes- YN24EX for YONGNUO FLASH (Includes Mount adapter)


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Photomed Polar Eyes- YN24EX for YONGNUO FLASH (Includes Mount adapter): polar_eyes is a cross-polarization filter that makes it easy to eliminate unwanted reflections on the teeth that are caused by the flash. These specular highlights can obscure details in the teeth and cause problems when communicating with the lab. The polar_eyes filter also makes it easier to monitor and document demineralization and decalcification white spot lesions (WSLs).

We now have a polar_eyes Lens Adapter Ring that allows the polar_eyes filter to be used with Canon 270 EX II, Canon EL-100, Nikon SB-R200 and Nissin i40 flashes mounted on the PhotoMed R2 dual point flash bracket. .

What’s in the box

  • SDL including two LED panels and Bluetooth enabled hand grip.
  • Bluetooth trigger with battery.
  • USB charger.
  • Charging cables – allows charging both LED panels from one charger.


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